We offer services which follow the whole life cycle of a Manager and are useful in all HR Development

We strongly believe the only way to thrive and perform adequately is possible if we attend to both, Individuals and Corporations.

Our success originates form the ability to support the manager as well as the company: this alignment of goals enables greater achievements!

Career Mentoring

We know the labour market. Therefore, we can help with comparing what are internal possibilities and external solutions.

Thanks to our support, companies can decide efficiently whether to promote a collaborator or recruit from outside.

We also guide the collaborators who were made redundant during the first months of their search for a new better-fitting job.

Through the cooperation with us, the individuals can decide what shall be their professional destiny.

We support them during the key moment of their career, when they have to decide, for instance, whether to accept a promotion or when is the best moment to go back to school or accept an external opportunity

Assessment Centre / Development Centre

The process of in-depth valuation of employees competences from various levels within organisation structure.

Prepared for each client’s specific requirements, Assessment Center/Development Center could be a part of external recruitment, internal promotion process or a separate tool designed to help your company diagnose the level of desirable competencies among the selected group of employees, and to assess their potential for further development. This will allow your organization to select people from all employees who will in the future take up key positions in the organization and become the successors of their current superiors.

The process consists of several exercises, like role plays, business cases, presentations or skills assessment tests, and is aimed at confronting the participants with often unexpected and interesting challenges, during which their communication skills, business acumen, creativity or team management skills could be expressed and observed by Assessors. 

As a team of experienced consultants, AC Mentoring will meet the expectations and prepare calibrated Assessment Centre / Development Centre process based on methodology, which determines all sought competencies, cooperation of assessors, scheduled plan of a whole process, communication in a friendly atmosphere during sessions supported by reliable feedbacks and confidentiality


Over the past dozen or so years, AC Mentoring consultants have carried out in Poland and other European countries programs of support/reorientation of dismissed employees

These are aimed at both companies and individuals on managerial positions at the higher, middle and specialist levels, and their main goal is to help optimize transition periods resulting from the change of work in such a way that they find as soon as possible the new positions which are interesting and correspond to their qualifications as well as the organization corresponding to their expectations.

Our program starts with a compulsory confrontation with the problem of leaving the existing organization, which for many people is a very difficult situation.

However, our intention is not to analyse the past. We focus on the current situation and above all on the future. We try to inspire the beneficiaries of our programs to look for new opportunities, new jobs, or sectors. We „build” them anew, trying to give them energy, courage in making not always obvious decisions about their future careers.

We teach them how to communicate information and present themselves in an optimal manner, to build greater assertiveness and self-confidence, to apply well-calibrated and proactive methods of networking in order to finally achieve a sustainable change in the form of a better position, organizational culture of the employer or higher earnings. During the session, we share information about the market, trends, and enterprises, compare data, help in contacts and teach how to reach and talk to the right people, lobby, and make appropriate decisions regarding the choice of jobs. In addition to the easiest solutions like „copy-paste”, we suggest solutions that are much less obvious, making the beneficiaries aware of what positions their competences can perform and what „flows” between industries are the most effective.

Thanks to the long-standing experience in the consulting sector, AC Mentoring consultants have extensive knowledge and contacts both on the business side, among potential employers interested in hiring new people to their organizations, and on the side of other recruitment companies running projects in which our beneficiaries would be valuable candidates. We help our beneficiaries to exist in all these areas. Our advantage is that each of us is also responsible for conducting recruitment projects. If we find out that the beneficiary of the outplacement process is a candidate with adequate competences, attitude, and personality, we will definitely include him in the on-going recruitment processes.

Organisational Culture

The Culture Q concept focuses on a combination of elements that ensure successful execution of strategy

The Culture Q concept focuses on a combination of elements that ensure successful execution of strategy, developing strategy and aligned execution plans, building cultural empathy, defining organisational practices, and developing involved and culturally sensitive leadership behaviours.

Whlie working with our Clients  we use loose frameworks in a highly interactive way . We provide focus and structure to each discussion that enables our clients to decide what is important to them and what is not. We will challenge you where we think appropriate but we will not pretend to be experts in every aspect of your business.

One of the tools that AC Mentoring offers is HR Toolkit, an online organisational culture profiling tool. It is non-judgmental and identifies gaps and tensions within your organisation by comparing the “experienced” culture with the “desired” culture. It will enable you to determine if your culture and strategy are compatible.

To support Company Leaders and decision making process our HR Toolkit ( online platform) offers you 4 different modules:


Do you have the culture your strategy needs?

We help organisations change their culture. We will work with your leadership team using our StrategyQ tool to profile your existing culture and understand the changes in behaviour and ways of working required to become a more effective organisation.


Do your people „love” your business & „go the extra mile”?

We provide employee engagement solutions. We will help you create, run, and analyze your own bespoke multi-level employee engagement survey and support you with follow-up activities such as focus groups and action planning.


Are you recruiting people who will drive your culture?

We provide an evaluation of candidate culture fit. Our CultureFitQ tool helps ensure new recruits are aligned with your desired culture and provides a unique candidate experience.


Are you building the competencies you require in the future?

We help you identify critical competences. We will work with you to build a competence model that prepares you for future challenges, a 360 assessment tool to monitor individual progress and organisational developmental priorities.

Executive Coaching

What is Coaching?

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them” (John Whitmore, in Coaching for Performance).

There is a huge difference between teaching someone and helping them to learn. In coaching, fundamentally, the coach is helping the individual to improve their own performance.

Who can benefit from Coaching?

Our mission is to support Managers, High Potentials, and Executives in their professional development, daily operations, leading a significant change or adjusting to the changes.

The reasons to work with a Coach might be very different:

  • Some Managers are facing a difficult situation and seeking the ways to solve it
  • Some need to redefine themselves professionally
  • Some need a “mirror” and a partner to discuss different matters in confidentiality
  • Some are having impressions they are “stuck” and don’t see a “way out”
  • Some are willing to be promoted
  • Some just got a promotion and need support in their new role

Coach is helping managers to get self-awareness, to identify the problem, to define the goals, to prepare an action plan, and to implement it.

Coach is responsible for the process and facilitating it and Coachee is responsible for all the ideas and actions.

How does it work?

Usually, the process takes 6 – 10 sessions. It is always mutually agreed on when and how frequent the sessions take place.

Coaching is a process, during sessions coach and client are defining goals and working to reach them. Open questions,  leading client to self-reflection, homework, open feedback, providing different perspective, support in challenging moments are only a few of many tools and techniques used during coaching process.

The whole process is fully confidential.

Key Impacts of Coaching Processes


Self-Esteem / Self-confidence


Relationship / Interpersonal skills


Communication skills


Work performance

Source: International Coach Federation Survey, 2009

Management Mentoring & Training

We offer a wide panel of support to managers & directors, here are 3 examples of what we do

The first 100 days in a new position can be decisive, you want to put all chances on your side

We give you all the means to hit the ground running and to become successful when assessing your new team, identifying the challenges and blockers, organizing your time and priorities and impress the management with a killer astonishment report!

Bringing collective intelligence & empowerment into the workplace is certainly a good idea, but how is it done in practice?

We bring the experience of dozens of successful more efficient management implementations to your operations, so you lead the change efficiently and your teams become even more responsive, agile and accountable.

Leading through vision & values is the best way to be a top company in our increasingly VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous), right?

We help you collectively define your vision, ambition, mission and values and we guarantee the new culture becomes embedded by training all management levels on how to do it practically.

We provide these services face-to-face or to groups.